Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Day 28

I've had several days off now, which is wonderful. I feel more rested, but perversely I also feel more stressed. I always feel as if I have to make the most of my days off, and I feel guilty if I don't get much accomplished. I find myself trying to do to many things at a time. Playing games on my Ipod, surfing the 'net, decorating Lizzie's room, rearranging the living room. Oh, and that ever present laundry. Really, I should be studying, but everything else seems so much more interesting. Playing games on the Ipod is definitely a time waster, and reading blogs definitely doesn't help. The more blogs I read, the more inspired I become and the more projects I imagine myself doing.  It's a crazy cycle.

The painting is finished in Lizzie's bedroom. It's now my favourite room in the house. We used slightly different shades of white for the walls and trim, and the whole room is so beautiful and fresh looking. Now, we get to do the fun stuff....decorate.

I picked up this wall decal from Michaels a while ago. On sale, of course. There's a blue one and a purple one. Both colours Lizzie chose for her room. 

We have lots of pictures, bulletin boards, and shelves still to hang. I'm trying to corral all her Webkins and cut down on a lot of little girl clutter. How is it they accumulate so much STUFF?

I bought this desk for $10 at a garage sale when we first did her room. So much pink! I've already filled the holes and it's almost ready for a coat of primer. 

This is the colour we (I mean Lizzie) chose for the desk. It is a glossy turquoise that I think will absolutely pop off the white walls. I believe it will become my favourite piece of furniture ever! Isn't this colour delicious. It certainly does a lot to drive away some of the winter doldrums.

There are lots more things I want to do in her room, but I'm trying to be patient. My next bedroom project is a quilt for her bed. This will be interesting as I've never made a quilt before. I am testing out my skills on a mini-quilt. 

I'm hoping to make the actual quilt with these fabrics.

Oh, my mind is really. I think I need to take a nap.


3rdEyeMuse said...

that blue is brilliant. I hope you'll be sharing pictures when it's done (if it's ok with Lizzie).

I'm sure your quilt will be amazing. I seriously have no doubt.

Saucy said...

I am diggin' your white with blue! Very cosmopolitan scheme, I could see it in a magazine and can't wait to see it finished!

Saucy said...

Oh! I think you need some lime in there too!

MJ said...

What a fun room to be for Lizzy!

Tamara Jansen said...

Your color choices are GORGEOUS!

lapoflux said...

I love the fat quarters - beautiful! Good luck with the quilt.

And you will have to post after shots of the room. You have me motivated to decorate now!