Sunday, January 25, 2009

Day 25

The television was on in the break room today when I had my lunch. Normally, I hide my head in a book, but today a little program sparked my interest - it was "Making Over America" on TLC with Trinny & Susannah. 

I am most definitely a fan of shows about makeovers. In fact, I probably qualify more than a little bit for an episode of "What Not To Wear". It happens to those of us that spend much of our time in scrubs. You forget how to dress when you are not at work.

However, what really interested me about this show is that they live in an AIRSTREAM while on the road. Sigh...

Remember my dream?

I still haven't forgotten, though the dream is buried in cold weather, snow, and economic woes.

Oh Airstream, how I love you. It's nice to know we still have the spark.