Monday, November 10, 2008

Ways to annoy your cats #2

Take pictures of your cat through the bad kitty door, while forcing him to wait at the top of the basement stairs.

Variation #1: Close the flap on the door so he thinks it's time to go to bed, at 6:00pm!

Variation #2: Close the flap on the door and feed your other cat!


Madge said...

poor kitty. are his eyes read because he's angry?

Oliver Rain said...

The red eyes are his laser vision putting me to death. You know the expression...if look could kill.

Shana said...

We had to take the flap completely off of our kitty door because my spaz-tastic kitties refused to go through it with the flap on it. My kitties are very, very special indeed.

I have used those red laser eyes on my loved ones myself, so I feel for your kitty.

Tara said...


You have some strange light going on near you!