Friday, November 14, 2008

Me & the cats

This is me

These are my cats

These are my cats on my pillow. 

At least they aren't sleeping directly on top of me, 
which is their favourite way to sleep.

Yep, having fun working those night 
shifts and sleeping all day.  They love having
me home all day.

And maybe a little freaked out that Javier 
takes pictures of me when I'm sleeping.


Madge said...

is that edgar sawtelle on your nightstand? if so, is it good?

so NOT cool said...

Heh. :)

My husband likes to take unsuspecting photos of me as well, but fortunately ... he doesn't know how to convert them from RAW to jpg. Muh hahahaha.

Don't mind me. I'm a tad giddy today.

Jillian said...

Those darn cats...I would not be able to sleep with them that close to my head. My oldest cat sleeps at the foot of the bed during the day but at night the three of them get booted to the basement. . .I've always been a light sleeper!

Cute pic!

MJ said...

I could never work night shifts. I'd be a zombie!

Is the title of this post, having a cat-nap?

A New England Life said...

Oh how adorable! They really love their mom! And each other!

Our youngest cat, Phineas, is determined he is going to sleep on, or up against, our legs at night. He just wants to be close. Unfortunately my husband has been sleeping in the guest room the past couple nights because he can't take it anymore. Hopefully we'll work something out.

My first 'soul cat' slept on the pillow over my head all the time. She showed me what true devotion was. I still miss her.

How nice that you are an animal lover too : )


sassy studio said...

LOVE the kitties! Lizzie looks fab! Good call with the lolly!

Shana said...

Jeez, how many books are you reading right now? Do you not have OTHER responsibilities?

Oliver Rain said...

You guys are all so observant. I always have a book or two (or 5) by my bedside. Regardless of how tired I am before bed, I always spend a few minutes reading to wind down.

The Tale of Edgar Sawtelle is wonderful. I'd be happy to pass it on.

Wish on a Whisker said...

Love the kitties on your pillow! ~Mandy