Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat

Happy Halloween!

With mere minutes to spare, we managed to transform Miss Lizzie into a rabbit popping out of a magic hat for Halloween. I'm absolutely serious. It's not that I've been procrastinating...not really...

Miss Lizzie will be accompanied by an Olympic Athlete & a Ninja. I have no concerns about her safety. Both girls are trained in Tai Kwan Do.

Okay, maybe there was a bit of procrastinating going on this afternoon. When I should have been home preparing Lizzie's top hat, I was out taking pictures of some of the decorated homes in our neighbourhood. One of the homes is a Haunted House. The owners completely decorate the outside AND inside of the house and allow people through the house. Local acting students & other volunteers provide additional excitement throughout. I guess it takes about 6 weeks to set up and all proceeds from donations are given to a local cancer clinic. I was 'dying' to go inside, but they weren't quite ready for visitors yet.

I'm a week late in posting photos but here are the jars from the Saucy's Zombie Swap.

My swap partner was my new friend Sweet Sassy, and I adore what she came up with. On the inside is a skull, spiders and some wonderful silvery skull beads. She glued more skulls and pearl and clean bead to the outside. A very scary spider sits on top.

The piece de resistance is that she went onto my blog & printed out photos from some of my posts, added scary labels and pasted them to these silver doo-dads. They hang from the belly cephalothorax (fancy word, huh?) of the spider into the jar.

And if that isn't enough she also put in two of her special toggle bracelets for Lizzie and me. And some candy...

This is the jar I sent Sassy. She is a newlywed and I used this as the theme for my jar. I attached a bit of 'bling' to the ribbons around the neck of the jar. I put skeleton parts, fall leaves, and jack o'lanterns on the bottom. I filled the jar with black tulle, and nestled a skeleton bride & groom inside.

true love never dies

The 'dreadful' couple just prior to being entombed in the jar. Aren't they adorable! I included some embroidered tea towels (Halloween-themed of course) and I packaged everything in dried leaves. We have lots of those around so it was a pretty cost-effective & I guess environmentally friendly way to ensure nothing got broken. I wish I'd taken a picture. I made sure to print a warning for the outside so she didn't open the box inside and get leaves all over her beautiful house.

This was a great swap. Thanks so much to Saucy for organizing it.

Hope everyone's Halloween was deliciously scary.


sassy studio said...

Great photos of the jars! I wish you woere closer so you could come to our Christmas Toggle Charm Swap. The costume is exams this week?!

Shana said...

What a great costume idea? Very clever!

You gave and received cute jars. Fun! I might have to get in on one of those swaps, though I fear the person who gets my crafting-disabled contribution would be pissed after producing something that would be so much better than what I can produce.

Echo said...

Beautiful home accents & gifts too.... I too have got lot's of wonderful gifts on Halloween.

Anonymous said...

How stinkin' creative is that rabbit costume? How do you think of things like that? I'm so boring!

3rdEyeMuse said...

Lizzie made one terrific Halloween treat & the Zobie jars are all too much! What a fun swap that was. :)

Jan said...

Lizzie is SO CUTE!!

Saucy said...

Happy Halloween! Boo! You are lucky to have one of those treasured toggle bracelets of Sassy's.