Saturday, September 13, 2008

I 'heart' surprises

I also 'heart' mail, so imagine my delight when I stumbled downstairs after spending a sick day in bed Thursday to find a bubble wrap package waiting for me, delivered by the mailman. The postmark said Regina...and there's just one person I know there. MJ!

But what was inside? you ask

Why this darling Christmas ornament, that she crafted with her own two hands.

Thank you so much MJ. It will have a special place on my Christmas tree.

Back to school update: We are 9 Lizzie days and 6 me days into school. Lizzie already has a cold. I have had a temporary stomach bug. And poor Javier has had both. This after a whole summer of being relatively free of sickness. Viva la school year! 


3rdEyeMuse said...

that orni is simply precious - gotta love when the postman delivers treats like this!

here's hopin all three of you feel better fast!

MJ said...

Oops, the cat is outta the bag! Glad you like the ornament! I plan on having a give-away to celebrate my 100th post in 2008 within the next week or so and a sibling to this ornament will be the give-away! You can still play in the give-away if you want!

Hope you are feeling better soon! If there is any solace, we are still sneezing, coughing, etc here too. Viva la school year (and daycare too)!

Saucy said...

MJ is super-talented. That ornament is seriously adorable. I knew her "when".

I sent you an email requesting your real life address so you can get more mail!

Shana said...

Oh, the back to school illness. Nothing says Welcome, Fall like a sniffling child.

The ornament is super cute.