Sunday, September 7, 2008

Choosing to accentuate the positives

I consider this weekend to be my last weekend of freedom until sometime in late November or December. I'm always a little reluctant to surrender my personal time in the pursuit of this designation called Bachelor of Nursing, but I'm assured it will be worth it in the end. Actually I already know that it will be worth it. So instead of focusing on how much I dislike some activities, instead I choose to highlight what I will enjoy about them and other not so favourite aspects of life.

I have two distance learning courses that I must conquer in the next few months: Nursing Leadership & Management and Nursing Issues. Instead of complaining about the amount of work I have to do, I CHOOSE to welcome the opportunity to develop leadership skills and learn about issues relevant to my profession. I will also appreciate that I am able to concentrate solely on school and not have to work at the same time.

Instead of complaining about housework and all that stuff, I CHOOSE to relax and enjoy the organization I put into place in form of monthly menus. Plus I get to try a whole lot of new recipes and bake! Which I do love, especially when it's low-stress. I will also embrace the opportunity to care for my family which is why I do all that I do.

Instead of dreading all the group projects I am involved in during the next few months, I CHOOSE to celebrate the fact that I will be spending time with my very intelligent friends while collaborating on these projects, thus ensuring we all get good grades!

Lizzie has extracurricular activities scheduled almost every day of the week. This means a lot of driving and waiting to enable Lizzie to participate in these activities. I CHOOSE to catch up on extra reading and complete some crafting projects while waiting, and develop new friendships with the other parents waiting for their children. Plus I get to see little Lizzie improving pretty much everyday in her skills.

I will be working a combination of day and night shifts at the hospital this fall. I CHOOSE to be excited that I get to care for these most innocent and helpless of creatures. AND I get to cuddle some babies!

The caption here is "I have PMS...can't you understand?". That just about sums me up these days. However, I CHOOSE to celebrate this most feminine condition and accept that I have an excuse for acting a little a lot crazy once in a while most of the time.

After all, life is all about perspective, isn't it?


so NOT cool said...

I must commend you on your career choice. I don't believe in angels, but if such a thing exists, it is NURSES. Okay, and mothers.

MJ said...

I think you need to add "Accentuate the Positive" to your iPod (& I'll do the same); I need something happy to cheer me up as I prepare a lab for students next week!

Tara said...


Listen, we need great people like you to be nurses so, yes, you'll be busy, but it is your calling and you MUST follow it! Seems like you have a nice crowd to do it with,too!Left you an award on my blog as I so enjoy visiting here all the time!


Lisa Milton said...

I'm amazed by nurses. They are the frontline when the chips are down; boy, how I know it.

I hope you know how much we civilians appreciate what you do.

3rdEyeMuse said...

I sooo love the choices you are making, but even more than that, I love that you can make me giggle in an empty of anyone but me kind of room. :)

Tootsie Farklepants said...

Good on you for looking at the sunny side! At one point in my life I decided I wanted to be a nurse and went back to school then took my first cellular and molecular biology course. Then realized I'd never make it out alive.

Anonymous said...

Love your positive outlook! Living with my daughter's nursing school challenges gives me an appreication for what you're doing. Hopefully she'll go back in the spring to finish hers, but you'll be done this quarter? I'm so happy for you!

Shana said...

Look at you, with your glass half full and all! Good luck getting back into the swing of school!

mushroommeadows said...

It IS all about perspective! :)

MJ said...

Incidentally, I like the Perry Como version of "Accentuate the Positive."

Jillian said...

I like your positive outlook! And I especially liked the PMS cartoon. That is great! (The depiction, not the actual PMS part.) I too can get A WHOLE LOT CRAZY when hormonal! LOL.

I had no idea you'd be working with babies. How sweet!