Monday, June 23, 2008

Number 17

17. Set foot in Saskatchewan
Yes, I've finally gone and done it - I've been to Saskatchewan and lived to tell the tale. Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park to be exact. And I camped! Or rather my family and I camped.

There was plenty of scenery to be admired. I discovered to my wonder & delight that SK really does have hills and trees. I always suspected they might be there. Plus I didn't need a passport to cross the border. My sweet Lizzie inquired quite innocently as we crossed the border when we would be stopping at customs (seriously). 

Butterflies to get up close to. So pretty.

Squirrels to go "aaawww" over. Photo credit to Javier, darn it. 
Side note: Medicine Hat has no squirrels. Whatever did they do to make all the squirrels go away. I love squirrels.

Wildflower bouquets to pick.

Relaxing to be done, though I suspect Lizzie outgrew her kiddie chair 
from last year. Time to go shopping, I guess.

Books to be read. Goldilocks has found a better fitting chair.

Marshmallows to toast & even better? 'smores!  Yum.

Cartoons to watch? Wait a minute....

Oh yeah, the IPOD. Technology follows us even camping.

Forts to build.

Softballs,  footballs & frisbees to throw and catch

And a moose to photograph as we left the park.

I was just slightly resistant to the idea of camping, poor Javier. I love camping, especially now that we have a trailer. No more tenting for spoiled little me. However, I felt I really needed to stay home and get my home organized. Yes, my priorities were in serious need of reordering I think! But, you know what? It was a wonderful little getaway. I feel refreshed and ready to tackle that new load of laundry waiting for me downstairs. It was nice to spend some quality family time without a three-hour roadtrip looming on the horizon.

Thank you Javier for planning & organizing (& shopping & packing for) our mini-holiday.


Jillian said...

Oh boy! Camping! My favorite thing to do...ha ha. Here is my camping post from last October.

I too, am spoiled by using a camper. It's the only way I will go.

I love the MOOSE shot...I'll have to show my Dear Hubs...every time we go to Maine we try and get a moose picture. He will be impressed.

So sorry you missed the giveaway, too...but now I am looking forward to yours.

And oh yes, would love to see the recipe for the Greek salad.

It has been wonderful to "meet" you, too!

PS. Did you tell MJ of MJ's Sputterings you were going to be in her neck of the woods? That is her area, right?

Firefly Hill said...

Someday I want to visit your area of the world! It looks so beautiful. The closest I have been to you is Vancouver. I really want to visit Banff. Have you ever heard of Spruce Meadows..? It is in Alberta somewhere I think and they have a lot of horse shows there all summer. Many Americans go up there and just love it.

Thanks for sharing your camping pics--looks like so much fun!


MJ said...

The northern scenery is different than southern scenery too ~ lots of different landscapes to explore here! Glad you had a great trip!

Mrs. G. said...

This looks like a fun and relaxing trip. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful photos-love the fort.

Liz said...

Such a lovely place to camp! It looks like you all had so much fun. The pics reminded me of that tv show Northern Exposure.

Liz said...

Thanks for the super nice comments you left about the book. I really appreciate the kind words!