Monday, April 28, 2008

That's one sassy apron!

I've had these photos sitting around on my hard drive for a while now, meaning to blog about them. This is the apron I received in the Sassy Apron Swap from Calico Daisy. Isn't it pretty? She embroidered my first initial "T" on the pocket. So lovely.

It even has this jaunty green & white bow!

I've signed up to participate in the next apron swap. This time we have to use a summer theme. I've had some ideas percolating around my head for a while. We just got our swap partners last week. I'm so excited about the apron I'm putting together. I will post photos.

Now, who's curious about what the "T" stands for? I've been debating revealing my real first name. No secret that I'm not really an "Ollie". I'm taking guesses here.


MJ said...

My guess is Teresa or Tracy(or any derivative of it!) Seems those were the popular T names in our age-group!

Cute apron! Looking forward to see your summer apron projects/swap!

Jillian said...

Ooooh what a challenge! How about Tina or Tara? I knew a girl in school named Taryn.

Either way, you've got to tell us now. :-)

Like yer new "do", too.

Saucy said...

Oh man, I should have gotten in on that apron swap. I'm dying for a swap and that really is one sassy apron.

Auntie Duckie said...

I vote Trixie, and shall call you that regardless.