Monday, April 21, 2008

Snow day & some other stuff

Saturday's little dusting of snow was nothing. We woke up yesterday morning to a whole pile of snow. I'm not sure how much was out there, but I don't ever remember seeing this much snow since I was a little girl. We stayed pretty close to home, trying to stay warm & avoiding the slippery roads. Lizzie and her friends had a blast building snow forts and tunnels in the front yard. Of course, they weren't allowed to go inside the tunnels for safety reasons. They were outside almost all day. I had a nice snuggle with a tuckered out little girl last night, as well laid on her bed reading together before bedtime. 

We started reading "Wind in the Willows" a few days ago. I've never read it before, but I think Lizzie and I will enjoy the adventures enclosed within its covers. I picked it up at the second hand store after reading a recommendation on Alicia's website. She posted requests for reading recommendations on her blog recently and got many responses. If you are looking for a new read, have a peak over there for a great list (check the comments).

I had a chance to work on Linda's wardrobe. After much consideration, she has decided to follow my footsteps and become a nurse. Accordingly, I made her a set of colourful scrubs. I'm still trying to figure out how to make a tiny stethoscope and some duty shoes. Any recommendations?


MJ said...

How about a Hallow'een costume? I am so slow doing projects lately that I'd need at least 5 months to complete anything!! Who is the lucky recipient of Linda? Are you making this doll for a little girl's birthday?

Debachu said...

How big is Linda? Can you crochet a stethoscope? Use two beads for the earpieces and a silver sequin at the end for the sensor-thingie? Having no skills in this area, I fully expect my off-the-top-of-the-head suggestions to be fully implementable.

Debachu said...

Ooh! or use thin black wool with that craft where the device looks like a empty wooden spool of thread with nails on the top, and you kind of weave a cylindrical tube-like thing (stop me if I'm getting too technical) and because you used thin wool the tube will be small and stethoscope shaped - and just make kind of a two-headed snake tube with the whole beads and sequin at the end. Yeah. That will definitely work in my imaginary world!

clarabelle said...

WOW that is ALOT of snow. Makes me getting all excited over a couple of inches look rather silly. We never have snow like THAT.
Love Wind in the Willows - I remember it from Childhood. We even hadit at a theme for one of our Brownie camps and I think my mum was "ratty" lol.
Linda is looking very snazzy!
Take Care
Clare x