Thursday, April 17, 2008

I Am Crafty

Honestly, it's not just all about school & stuff. I've reached the point in studying where my brain has just shut down & refuses to absorb any more information. I have a page of things that I should be doing, like cleaning the house & getting life organized so my family will survive the next two months when I'm busy being a rural nurse. Yes, I have all these things to do, but I feel guilty doing them when I should be studying. So how do I solve this problem? I make toys.

Meet Linda Longlegs. I haven't finished her dress yet, so I made her a quick top with this fashionable scrap of fabric from the Walmart collection (wouldn't want to be accused of promoting doll porn). Isn't she lovely? Her hair is a bit wonky as she hasn't met with the stylist yet. She's looking forward to having some proper clothing as she's a bit uncomfortable sitting around in her lacy undies.

She's based on a pattern from this book and is helping me procrastinate quite well, thank you.

It's been fun making her. I have always loved dolls, so it's very sad for me that Lizzie was never really interested, aside from the token effort with Polly Pockets and Barbies. I'm using Linda as a practice piece, because she certainly isn't perfect. I'm thinking that perhaps I'll offer her up as a draw? I'm sure there are lots of little girls out there that would just love to play with her. I'll make up some more accessories and see what happens. Keep checking for updates.


Debachu said...

That is adorable. But I think it is the full pouty lips that promote doll porn. And that she looks like Jill JazzyPanties. In fact, I think you should call her that forever more. (and no, I'm not talking about the doll.)

Love, Aunty Ducky GrannyPanties.

MJ said...

Your procrastinating over studying will be over soon! Don't worry ~ you'll have lots of crafts and other matters to procrastinate over! Great craft!