Saturday, March 1, 2008

Hello March

Look! The snow is melting outside...but alas, my front flower beds are still bare.

I don't remember any month feeling as endless as this past February. My trip to Toronto feels like it was months ago...and did I really have a week long break? My memory is failing me.

Entering March feels almost like starting the new year. I feel like I have a chance to start fresh again this month. Here are a few things I'm looking forward to...
  • A family trip to Seattle
  • Lizzie's 10th birthday!
  • 6 more weeks left of school
  • Maybe some buds appearing on the bushes and trees outside?
  • Possibly leaving the house without socks (I hate socks. I know they keep my feet warm, but I'd spend my life in ballerina flats if I could)
  • Final skating competition of the year & a weekend in a fun hotel with a water slide
I think my Lizzie might be a natural blogger. I thought I'd have to 'edit' her writing when she finished but she did great on her own, just like she did with her diorama. I'm so proud of her. She finally woke up this morning feeling 99% better, after 5 days of croaking out each word, coughing like mad, and feeling bored out of her mind. I'm not sure what we'll do today, but I think it has to involve leaving the house.


Jillian said...

Where o where is Medicine Hat???? I am glad to see it is thawing out up there...we had a "snow storm" threat here in PA but luckily we woke up to find the weather man had been wrong! Yay! I'm so glad march is here, too. Hope you had a great day and thanks for visiting my blog. I picked "Music Box Dancer" because I actually performed once on toe by starting out my dance on a sequined wooden box and pretended I was a music box dancer. (different song though)

I'll bet your daughter's first solo skate was just precious!

Tara said...

And have a great time whereever you end up!

MJ said...

I too welcome March, mainly because I am counting down to the end of this semester when this class will be over! K and N are looking forward to Easter (& K is pestering me to dye eggs!)

Glad to hear Lizzie is better! Am looking forward to photos from Seattle and details of activities! I live very vicariously through others!!