Monday, February 11, 2008

Favourite Corner #2

This is little Lizzie's bed. It is also the place I climb into every week day morning for a brief snuggle as we discuss our day's plans together or simply doze for an extra few minutes. These moments together started after I got her some flannel sheets for her bed. Little girls also make great heaters, so the combination proved too irresistible. This bed is also the place where she and I read before bed and say our prayers together.

It is a very girly room. Bubblegum pink. Her choice and it is filled with lots of little girl clutter. We have very close friends who have a son one year younger than Lizzie. He REFUSED to even go into the room. He stopped at the threshold like there was some type of invisible force field barring the way.

The decorating is mostly her idea. She's pretty set in her likes and dislikes. I like things a bit more subtle. I've also given up trying to make the room too decorated or tidy. It's definitely her space, but once in a while I think I'd like to go and hang out in there, put on some music...

Select a book from the shelves...

And while away the afternoon, soaking up little girl vibes.

Update on the coffee situation: I settled with the tea in the morning, but early afternoon I had to go anyway, and just so happened to go by the coffee shop for my daily fix. I've decided that right now is not the right time to give up my coffee. Too much school stress. Maybe I'll just wait until work stress is all I have to deal with...or maybe I'll just forget about giving it up all together! Who knows?

Update on name situation: I decided that my nom de plume will be Ollie. Thanks for the advice! 


Liz said...

I think that is a wonderful girl room! Very cozy! Flannel sheets... I need some of those!

MJ said...

What a great girly room! Glad to read that you have given her the freedom to decide how to decorate and run it! I know soon enough that K and N will want some say in their room decorations so am waiting for the negotiations to commence!

Hope you are feeling okay with your decision to resume coffee. I can understand the temptation too!

Firefly Hill said...

I love the room too! Very cute and pink and girly!


Tara said...

Having 2 girlsies of my own, I know how you feel! Her room is wonderful, it really looks like it reflects her pesonality!