Thursday, February 7, 2008

Another WIP Completed

I'm having a lot of difficulty completing my school work these days. Other things seem so much more important, like making an pouch for the Ipod Touch Javier gave me for Christmas. It's a very cool little gadget, but I was worried about it getting all scratched and I wasn't impressed with the covers that were available, so I set to knitting myself one. No pattern. Just a ball of yarn and some knitting needles.

It's not the greatest looking thing but I think it will do the trick. I added a little pocket to the back to hold the earphone and used a vintage budget to keep it closed. I made a crochet chain to wrap around the whole thing to keep the flap from flying off and launching my precious music across the room.

The inside is lined with some inexpensive poly-cotton I had lying around and I also put a layer of felt it to provide some padding. 

Like I said, it's probably is not the best looking ipod cozy out there, but at least I can wrap up my ipod and through it in the bag. 

By the way, thank you to everyone who has taken the time to post. It's really encouraging and getting little notes makes blogging even more exciting.


Tara said...

Isn't this a great idea! Abd because of the fuzziness, easy to find when you stick your hand in the bottom of your bag! I love it!
Thanks for stopping by my blog!

little dresses said...

Hey twin! I love your cozy. I made one of fabric for my iPhone.

Firefly Hill said...

You did a great job....I especially love the lining!